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Types of Door Locks

Types of Door Locks
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Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which types of locks should go where. At Locksmith Glencoe we have come up with a list of some of the most widely used locks on the market. Different locks offer different features. To figure out which ones to use in your home, consider some of your many options.

Common Door Locks

Types of Door LocksDeadbolts offer great protection. The single bolt and double bolt are used in homes most often. The one used on most homes is often the single deadbolt. A key cylinder is found on the interior of the door while the thumb turn is on the exterior of the door, which opens and closes the lock. The double cylinder offers you access by use of a key on both the interior and exterior of the door, thus no thumb turn is needed. Since you have to have a key to open the door from either side, it could become problematic in the case of an emergency. This is one of the main reasons the single bolt is used more often. Another popular option is the knob lock. These can be used on the exterior door of a home, along with a deadbolt. It generally isn’t used as a source of security and therefore should not be installed on external doors. Padlocks are popular because they are not attached to a fixture and can be easily moved around. It can be used on doors inside and outside your home, on storage units and garages. They are offered in a variety of sizes. This type is offered as combination lock or keyed. The combination type means that there are a specific series of numbers, which must be entered in the correct order, for the lock to open.

Where It Should Be Installed

Knowing where certain locks should be installed within your home is also very important. You may not necessarily need the same type of lock used for your front door on interior locks within your home. A more heavy-duty lock may be necessary for the front door to stop intruders from coming in who may have tools strong enough to break a lock. Allow our experts to help you choose what type and where your home locks should be installed.

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