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The Main Causes of Lockouts

The Main Causes of Lockouts
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It is more than frustrating to get locked out of your car on a busy day or to be stuck outside your house late in the evening. Lockout accidents are more common than most people think. At the same time, it is an interesting fact that they have a fairly limited number of causes. Get familiar with the most common causes and get some advice on how to reduce the risk of such an accident.

Recognizing and Countering Threats

The Main Causes of LockoutsThe most common cause of house, office and vehicle lockouts is the misplacement or loss of keys. You should develop a habit of checking for the presence of keys in your pocket or back before you get out of your home or office. Similarly, make sure that the car key is in your hand and not on the dashboard. In general, when keys are attached to a bigger, heavier and/or more colorful keychain, they are harder to forget, to misplace and to lose.

Another helpful tip is to have a designated place for your keys in your bag and in your home and office as well. In the bag, you should choose a compartment which is fairly small and completely clutter-free. Ideally, it should be zipped and easily accessible at the same time. In houses and offices, keys should be kept in secure places such as the higher shelves of cabinets and racks. It is best if they are not clearly visible. This is a simple yet essential measure for protecting your property. Keep in mind that in case of lost house or office keys, immediate lock rekey or replacement will be required in addition to lockout opening.

Damage to locks and keys is the second most common cause of such accidents. It is always a good idea to take a quick look at the door lock and key before you use them. If you notice that something is not quite right, you should get inspection and repair. In many cases, the damage is actually caused by the user. This typically happens due to incorrect operation. You must never apply sideway force on the key bow as the blade can easily snap, especially if the lock cylinder is not in good operating condition. You should apply force only in forward direction and in a limited amount as well.

In case car, home or office lockout occurs, you should not panic. The most important thing is to keep calm and to seek help. You should avoid making attempts to open the door by meddling with the lock or applying force as this will only make the problem worse. It is best if you keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor of friend that you can reach quickly in case of an accident like this.

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