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Accident Story - I Unlocked the Door Just in Time

Accident Story - I Unlocked the Door Just in Time

People who call our company for lock repair services don't always say the reasons for their urgency. We simply assume that they are in a hurry to get into their house or car if they are locked out and that's natural. Some say that they have an urgent appointment or must go to the doctor and tell us to hurry, but our representative can’t interrogate everyone. This one time, the customer didn't say anything in particular. Our representative just said that someone named *Rogers called asking for emergency assistance. His family was locked in the house, the keys were misplaced and he needed someone to open the door.

I was at Mr. Rogers' house in minutes

It was a good thing that his apartment was not in the farther part of town, come to think about it. With the traffic that day, it would have taken me way more than 5 minutes to get there. I let the family know I was there and as I was unlocking the door, I heard ambulance sirens. I opened the home locks and a few seconds later I witnessed a crying father run out holding his child in arms. There was an accident in the kitchen and the kid was hurt by knife. It wouldn't have been anything alarming if they could find their keys and get out of the house to take the child to the hospital in time, but in their panic they couldn't find them anywhere.

A few hours later the father called our locksmith company to settle the bill and apologize for not even greeting me when I unlocked the door, but I told him there was no need for apologies. The child was alright and the father promised to come by and thank me personally because they made it in time thanks to our fast response service. I was touched by this whole incident and appreciated that the client found the time to call me personally that same day to thank me. I feel proud and happy with myself and my team that we have learned to always respond as soon as possible to all emergency calls because sometimes we even manage to save lives.

*Names have been changed to protect the family's privacy

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