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If you need information about new locks or want to find out what to do when the existing security door locks at home don't work properly, take a look at the answers we give here below. They are lock & key related answers to frequently asked questions and they will help you deal with issues easier

Can all locks be opened with one key?

Yes. This method is called "Master Key System", and it is used mainly in office buildings. You receive one key, and at the same time the locks are tempered to work with it. They can each lock with separate keys, yet the master-key can be used to open them all.

If I ever lose my keys, should I have the locks rekeyed or changed?

A professional locksmith can have your locks rekeyed or just changed to ensure security. The locks can be replaced so that no one could break in your home using the keys you have lost. Changing the locks is more expansive, yet it allows you to upgrade your locks as you go. Both options rule the old keys useless, so you have nothing to worry about.

I can put the key into my car’s ignition, but I can’t turn it. What’s the problem?

The steering wheel has locked. Perhaps the key hole needs to be cleaned or lubricated. This is a relatively easy fix if you have some WD40 or electrical cleaner lying around. Just be careful not to overdo it. If the key still won’t turn, check that it isn’t worn or damaged. It could also be that the ignition assembly of your car may need to be replaced. Car locksmiths are usually able to help with a range of ignition issues.

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